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For more than 50 years, from 1898 to 1953, Elizabeth Towne and her husband William devoted much of their time to publishing their wonderful, timeless New Thought personal development magazine "Nautilus." The slogan of their magazine was SELF-HELP THROUGH SELF-KNOWLEDGE.

Elizabeth and William Towne - Founders of Nautilus Magazine

Many famous New Thought writers contributed to Nautilus at one time or another. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Edwin Markham, Anne Warner, Edward B. Warman, Horatio W. Dresser,
Orison Swett Marden, Brown Landone, Wallace Wattles, Paul Ellsworth and Genevieve Behrend are among the well-known helpers who contributed some of their best work to Nautilus. William Walker Atkinson, one of the leading New Thought writers of the time, also joined the staff of writers.

Each monthly edition of Nautilus was chock full of inspiring articles, poems, prayers, etc. Some of the serialized articles were later compiled and published as books under the "Elizabeth Towne" imprint, Mrs. Towne  generally providing introductions to the compiled works.

The Great Success of Nautilus Magazine
Nautilus Magazine was a real success story. The Towne's hard work, determination and perseverance was a living testimony to the fact that anyone can attract success like they did if they put their mind to it.

People who met Mrs. Towne were at once impressed with the qualities that created her success. She had a message and the brains to present it well. She had high courage, rare judgment, a most attractive personality and with all these an immense capacity for hard work. These qualities mean success in any path in life. They led to the practical application of the motto of Nautilus that appeared on the title page of every issue in the form of a poem by
Oliver Wendell Holmes entitled The Chambered Nautilus:

    Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,
    As the swift seasons roll!
    Leave thy low-vaulted past!
    Let each new temple, nobler than the last,
    Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast,
    Till thou at length art free,
    Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting sea!

The nautilus is a cephalopod mollusk belonging to the sole surviving genus (Nautilus) of a subclass that flourished 200 million years ago, known as the nautiloids. The spirally coiled shell consists of a series of chambers; as the nautilus grows it secretes larger chambers, sealing off the old ones. A lifeline connects one chamber to the next, so previous rooms are left behind but not forgotten.
It reminds us that growth is part of the Universe's creation, and even as there are profound changes in the world around it, the Chambered Nautilus thrives. The Chambered Nautilus is emblematic of ideas, vision for discovery, rigorous scientific inquiry, innovation, renewal, continuity, change and interconnectedness.

The first issue of Nautilus printed in Holyoke, Massachusetts, June 1900, was 4,500 copies, and the printer's bill was just $36.93, including the wrapping. Within a short space of time this little four-page paper had grown to be a handsome illustrated magazine. 50,000 copies of Nautilus were mailed out of Holyoke each month to subscribers who looked forward to the inspirational boost that Nautilus provided them with.

The original Nautilus publishing house - Holyoke, Mass.

Click here to read "The Story of Nautilus."

Copies of the original Nautilus magazine are very much collector's items now and are very scarce indeed, typically changing hands for $30-$50 per issue.

Nautilus Now Available in eBook Form

Now for the first time in more than fifty years Nautilus is available again, and its timeless editorials and inspiring articles can be enjoyed once again by a new generation hungry for spiritual nourishment. 

We are proud to announce the launch of Nautilus Digital, - an eBook reproduction of the original, timeless Nautilus magazine series.

Our new eBook editions contain complete facsimiles of every page of each Nautilus magazine, identical to those originally published over fifty years ago by Elizabeth Towne's publishing house.

Nautilus Digital is available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Every month subscribers receive a new issue of Nautilus Digital plus a bonus self-help eBook via email. These eBooks are in PDF format suitable for viewing on all computers.

The many articles contained within each issue of Nautilus are truly timeless and just as relevant and helpful today as they were 50 or 100 years ago. Whenever you feel in need of some inspiration or a spiritual boost the pages of Nautilus are sure to provide what is needed.

Within each monthly issue of Nautilus Digital you will be given a link to download a bonus self-help eBook (a $7.95 value) at no extra cost.

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Bonus #2 The first 1000 Nautilus Digital subscribers will also receive a bonus self-help audio book in mp3 format to download every month for six months! The audio books are approximately 90 minutes long and cover all types of self-help topics, from overcoming shyness and fear to becoming more assertive; from controlling anger and temper to overcoming addictions; from dealing with difficult people to unlocking the genius within; from overcoming negative thinking to utilizing the law of attraction for better health and wealth; from developing better concentration to finding the ideal partner in life; from becoming an effective sales man or woman to becoming a powerful and charismatic public speaker; from gaining self-confidence to expressing one's creativity.

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Nautilus Magazine was in a Class of its Own

For any magazine to remain in publication for over fifty years and to have over fifty thousand monthly subscribers like Nautilus did it obviously needs to be of exceptional quality, and we feel sure you will agree that
Nautilus magazine was truly one of a kind and remains to this day the finest self-improvement, personal development magazine ever published.

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